Choosing a wedding color scheme, part 4

If the venue or season of the year hasn’t inspired you with a color combination, it’s time to look elsewhere.

Take a minute to look in your closet. Most people have some colors they tend to wear more than others. Then take a look around your home. What colors do you surround yourself with? If your home décor doesn’t speak to you, look on the internet at home décor sites and take note of colors used in combination in rooms that inspire you.

If you still need some more inspiration, spend some time on Pinterest. I have put together a board on my Pinterest page of varying color palettes used in weddings. I have examples of classic colors, seasonal palettes, popular and trendy palettes. You’re bound to find something that speaks to you.

The great thing about looking at Pinterest posts is that you can see actual examples of the colors used in real weddings. You can see how these colors look in outdoor vs indoor venues, how the colors look as a bridesmaid’s dress, how the flowers look together. It’s a great way to visualize how your wedding could look! Click on the link below to see my color inspiration page!

Pinterest Color Inspiration

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