Choosing a wedding color scheme, part 3

While some couples use the venue to direct them towards color schemes, some use the season of the year to dictate the palette, especially if they are having an outdoor wedding. No matter what time of year, seasonal colors can create some beautiful weddings.

Spring – This is perhaps the easiest one to envision. Just take a walk through a nursery during springtime and notice the colors of the flowers coming into bloom then. Take plants of different color blooms and set them next to each other, experimenting with color combinations. Some popular colors in this season would be soft pinks, robin’s egg blues, bright yellows, lilac, lavender, peaches, and sage greens.

Summer – Think of a summer sky or the beach! Blues and teals the color of the ocean and corals are great choices. Flowers are still a good aide. Think of the vibrant colors of summer blooms – deep purples, orchids, fuchsias, and maybe even some oranges or yellows, like the colors of sunset.

Autumn – This is my favorite season of the year, and it also gives us some rich, vibrant color schemes. Imagine the colors of leaves in the northeast. Plums, forest or olive greens, burgundy, yellow-gold, and navy are great choices for fall inspired weddings. Just be sure to off-set the darker hues with some lighter ones for contrast.

Winter – While you may not think of winter as rich in color, there are so many great winter color palettes. Think ice blues and silver, mauve and greys, plum, gold, copper, dark reds and wines.

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