Choosing a Wedding Color Scheme, part 1

Many brides struggle with how to choose a color scheme for their wedding. They want it to reflect their personalities and be beautiful at the same time. Maybe they are looking for something unique, while other brides look for something timeless. So where do you start when trying to nail down the colors for the wedding?

The mistake many brides make is starting with the color scheme. However, if you start there you are skipping an important step.

First, I ask my clients if they have any kind of general theme or style for their weddings. For instance, are you going for a beach inspired feel? Maybe a rustic glam look to match the converted barn at the venue. Or perhaps a more woodland theme to echo the trees surrounding the ceremony site?


Sometimes there’s no theme, but rather a general style, which are more subtle. Classic and traditional, while non-specific, is still a great starting point when it comes to developing the feel of the wedding, including colors. Perhaps you love a Hollywood glam vibe, or prefer a more Bohemian approach.

While grooms often don’t want to get involved in the minutia of the wedding planning, asking for his input on the overall feel for the wedding can be a huge help in ensuring that the wedding reflects the couple’s personality. Even if he doesn’t care which colors are used, perhaps he does have a preference regarding the overall feel of the wedding.

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